About us

Open Mind TV

Open Mind TV is a media sharing site, online community, and producer of documentary style YouTube shows. Through our online platform, we are exploring fascinating topics such as theĀ multiverse, inter-dimensional realities, the pineal gland, and sacred geometry. We are peeling back the layers of reality so you canĀ peek behind the curtain.

Who are we?

If you have found this site by accident, or through listening to Jonny Enoch on an old radio broadcast, then let us explain. Originally Open Mind TV was called "The Jonny Enoch Show" and was founded by Jonny Enoch and Mr. Spanky. Really it was just a couple of guys who met off Youtube with similar interests. Jonny has been teaching metaphysics for years with experience in web development, while Mr. Spanky is a truth seeker with skills in the video production field. The idea was to have a host engaging people about metaphysics, entheogens, and quantum physics. This was loosely based off previous YouTube videos made by both parties. Both founders brought great experience to the table, as Mr. Spanky had been involved in Hollywood video editing for years.

Later it was decided that a change in direction was due because of creative differences between both parties, so the site became OPEN MIND TV. And now the rest is history! This site serves as a bookmark collection of all your favorite Truth related YouTubes, as picked and updated by Mr. Spanky regularly. Most recently, Mr. Spanky filmed a fantastic documentary with his close friend, Quantum Pulse, called "How to make the spirit molecule". This included breath taking visuals on how DMT is created. Expect more videos on Open Mind TV picked by Mr. Spanky, including his favorite topics such as how to be a 'free man', psychedelics, and the Egyptians. This site is open source, for and by the internet. So feel free to sign up for the forums and post an introduction!

Where did everybody go?

Jonny Enoch can be found on his new site at www.metaphysicalsource.com.

You can find Mr Spanky at www.youtube.com/69sirdragon.

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